Lemon Juice – 355 ml

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Experience the pure taste of freshness with our Cold-Pressed Lemon Juice. Made from handpicked lemons, our juice is packed with natural flavor and nutrients. Enjoy a refreshing and healthy citrus kick in every sip—100% pure, no extras added. Squeeze the goodness of nature into your day!


Ingredients: Lemon

Shelf Life: 2 weeks

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Yup, that’s it! Just lemon juice.  For your homemade salad dressings and for you to add to your morning water every day. View our delivery zones.

Health Benefits of Lemon Juice: Learn More

1 review for Lemon Juice – 355 ml

  1. Signe Liisa Lugus (Verified Purchase)

    It’s great having lemon juice on hand without needing to squeeze a lemon. if you’re not going to use it by the 2-week date, make icecubes with it to use as needed.

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