Who We Are

Green Press was founded as a means of helping people live a healthier lifestyle with an effective means of nourishment. Trying to maintain a healthy diet is difficult in the hectic and stressful lives that many of us all lead. It becomes an even bigger challenge trying to ensure our children receive the nutrition they need to develop, grow, and stay healthy.

Our vision is to help each individual lead a healthier, more energetic life by providing delicious and nutritious juices that one can incorporate into their daily lifestyle. Whether you want to do a juice fast, cleanse, or just add the juice to your daily diet, we have a plan that fits your needs. We realize that everyone is different and has different requirements and needs, therefore, we will customize each cleanse/fast for you to help you reach your goals.

Whatever option you choose, we aim to help you feel and look your best! We believe that an apple a day is no longer enough to keep the doctor away anymore. So let the juicing begin!