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Who We Are

Welcome to Green Press, where health meets taste. Founded by Samar Harb, a passionate Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and Suhail Taji, a dedicated Finance Professional, our family owned business is committed to fostering healthier communities through clean, nutritious eats and an active lifestyle.

We believe in the power of organic cold pressed juices to rejuvenate and energize. All our cold pressed juices and juice cleanses are designed by our in-house Registered Holistic Nutritionist, ensuring a perfect blend of flavour and wellness benefits.

As we grow to meet the evolving needs of our customers, we’re always trying to introduce a diverse range of products like smoothies, nourishing soups, and vibrant salads, savoury bowls, breakfast jars, kombucha, and wholesome snacks – Green Press is your one-stop destination for a holistic approach to healthy living.

Join us on this journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Your well-being is our priority, and we’re here to make every moment deliciously nutritious. Cheers to health and happiness with Green Press!

Certified Organic

We use the highest quality certified organic produce. Our juices are certified organic by Ecocert Canada.

Cold Pressed Juice

Our juicing method involves a hydraulic press that grinds the produce and then squeezes out the juice without the use of heat. This juicing method provides 3-5x more the vitamins and nutrients than any other juicing method. It also keeps the enzymes alive, as opposed to other juicing methods that produce heat that instantly destroy the enzymes.

Fresh Pressed Daily & Made to Order

Our juices are fresh pressed everyday and delivered right to you.  That means we don’t store the juices in the warehouse for weeks or even months like other juices!

Reusable & Recyclable Glass Bottles

We package our juice in reusable and recyclable glass bottles to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. We also offer our customers incentives to bring back the glass bottles by offering a reward program that you can collect and redeem your points on your juice purchases. Click here to view our bottle recycling program.

No added sugar, no preservatives, no nasty chemicals!

That is our promise to you!  Just wholesome, fresh, organic ingredients.  Most store-bought juices have preservatives, and added chemicals that do not need to be listed on the nutritional label.  We simply press the vegetables, extract the juice, bottle it, and get it straight to our customers.  If it’s not listed on the label, it’s not in your juice!

Raw, unpasteurized, no HPP/UV Light

At Green Press our promise to always provide you with exceptional products. We don’t add any additives, preservatives, or anything else to the juices. They are raw and unpasteurized, which will only allow for a short shelf life, but if something doesn’t go bad… it IS BAD for you. Unlike other companies who use high pressure pasteurization (HPP) or UV light to extend shelf life, we continue to keep our product raw and unpasteurized to deliver the highest quality and most nutrients in a juice as much as possible.

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