Fine and Dandy – 355 mL

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When you are looking for a juice with no fruit, you’ve come to the right place.  This juice is excellent for liver & colon support.  Admittedly, this juice is not for the faint hearted.  It gets down to business, and is VERY green.  Fine and Dandy is Keto friendly and great for anyone doing candida cleanses.

Ingredients: Cucumber, collard, Swiss chard, celery, ginger, lemon.

Shelf Life: 5-6 days

8 reviews for Fine and Dandy – 355 mL

  1. CelineT (Verified Purchase)

    Ok, so 10/10 for nutrition and ingredients. Definitely not the tastiest but if you don’t care about taste and need straight nutrition this is the one! It’s not bad in terms of taste, but I like Mean Greens and Evergreens better in terms of taste. This one has no fruit at all, so if thats what you’re looking for then this green juice isn’t that bad.

  2. ghema123 (Verified Purchase)

    I’ve been drinking this over a year and so useful. It doesn’t taste as the other one because no fruits inside. But other juices balances because it very healthy and light I continue to order.

  3. Hayoung Jun (Verified Purchase)

    I always order this one and the two other ‘green’ ones for health reasons.. Taste wise, it’s not great, but the reason why I have a subscription and I order this is to ensure that I get my servings of vegetables. If my priority was taste, I would just drink soda. I will continue to order this in my weekly subscription

  4. Magda Berdychowska (Verified Purchase)

    I absolutely love nutrient packed juices! I don’t have time to eat all the greens my body needs on the daily but this on the go bottle does the trick!

  5. ghema123 (Verified Purchase)

    Amazing enjoy every week

  6. (Verified Purchase)

    So delicious and not too citrus. Now my #1 juice company to purchase bulk orders from.

  7. Signe Liisa Lugus (Verified Purchase)

    Finally, a green juice without kale! Every other company puts kale in every green juice and this is highly problematic. I went to the Environmental Health Clinic with one of these other juices in my bag to sip on, and my blood thallium was extremely high. Even organic kale sucks it up from the soil. The doctor told me to stop eating it — and all. had was it listed as a 5th ingredient in a juice. This is now the ONLY green juice I’ll drink. I dont need more heavy metal poisoning.

  8. ghema123 (Verified Purchase)


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