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Lemon Juice - 355 ml


Yup, that’s it! Just lemon juice.  For your homemade salad dressings and for you to add to your morning water every day.  This can help to alkalize your body and support a strong immune system.

How to use:

  1. Salad Dressing: Olive oil, lemon juice, Himalayan salt. Voila!
  2. Morning detox: Add a splash of lemon juice to some warm water in the morning and drink on an empty stomach.

Ingredients: Lemon

355 mL

Shelf Life: 2 weeks

What's Inside


Alkalizes your body and helps to neutralize free radicals.

Excellent Source of Vitamin C

Protects against free radicals. Contains antioxidants.

Source of Iron

Helps build red blood cells.

We use glass bottle packaging.

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