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Island Breeze - 355 ml


When you need a drink from the tropics but can’t quite get there.  Island Breeze will take you back to your lounge chair sitting under those beautiful palm trees enjoying some fun in the sun.  With an excellent source of Vitamin C, this juice helps to support a healthy immune system.  This is your ultimate thirst quenching drink all year round!

Ingredients:  Pineapple, green apple, lime, mint.

Shelf life: 7-8 days

What's Inside


Contains enzymes that aid with digestion of protein. Supports a healthy immune system.


Alkalizing, high in Vitamin C and is a great digestive aid.


Helps to soothe your stomach lining and can help to reducing bloating and indigestion.

Excellent Source of Vitamin C

Protects against free radicals. Contains antioxidants.

Excellent Source of Manganese

A factor in energy metabolism. Contributes to the formation & maintenance of bones.

Source of Copper

Contributes to the maintenance of normal connective tissue.

We use glass bottle packaging.

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