Cleanses And Fasts

Committing to a juice cleanse is a great first step leading into a healthier lifestyle. Taking care of your health now will leave you with lasting benefits throughout many years of your life.

Cleansing is a great way to rid your body of toxins, kick-start your metabolism, increase your energy levels, control and eliminate your cravings, mood swings, increase mental focus & clarity, boosts your immunity, and help get rid of unwanted body fat.

A juice cleanse is a great way of detoxifying your body as it gives your digestive system a break while simultaneously providing your body with essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes it requires to function properly. This allows your body to get rid of toxins and focus on healing ailments in your body.

At Green Press we have two options for you to choose from.  We have both juice fast options, where you are just drinking juice and juice cleanse packages where you are still able to eat!  We realize that fasting isn’t for everyone so we have formulated a package where you can still eat! This is also a gentle way to ease in and ease off a juice fast so that you are not completely shocking your body. Don’t know what is right for you ? We can help!

Juice Cleanse

I don’t want to give up eating!

Juice Fast

Just give me the juice!